Groundwater level dips in Telangana

The Groundwater Level has decreased by about 0.55 Metres in Telangana State during the last one year.

The Groundwater Department monitors water levels every month through a monitoring network spread in 584 mandals of Telangana state. During the water year 2017-18, Normal Rainfall up to December 2017 was 841 mm and the Actual Rainfall received was 776 mm which was 8% less during this water year.

The Average State groundwater level for December 2017 was 9.05 meters whereas in December 2016 it was 8.50 meters. A net fall of 0.55 m water level was observed from December 2016 to December 2017.

When compared with May 2017, the rise in water level up to December 2017 is 3.30 m. This may be due to recharge of ground water in the Aquifer during water year 2017-18, Groundwater Department Director K. Laxma said in a press release today.

During the period from December 2016 to December 2017, the rise in water levels is observed in only 9 districts which varies from 0.07 to 3.60m.The minimum rise is observed in Mahabubabad (0.07m) and maximum rise is recorded in Ranga Reddy district (3.60m).The fall in water levels is observed in 22 districts, which varies from (-5.07 m to -0.02 m).