Gross smell from the Hussain sagar nala causing serious health issues to residents

Hyderabad: Few days back residents living near Hussain sagar lake reported against the gross smell originating from the nala due to risen chemical effluents from the industries mixing with the nala and smell evolving through broken pipelines.

Now that no action has been taken since then, the gross smell is creating serious health issues among the residents near by the Nala. People living at Kavadiguda, Dhobi Ghat, Nehru Nagar and DS Nagar, especially women are complaining of thyroid problems.

Sheikh Mahmood says, “We are staying here for last 40 years, but now we are not able to live in this area due to the bad chemical smell from nala. From past few days my son is not well and is admitted in hospital”, a resident of Nehru Nagar.

Another resident Nasim said “The place where we stay is adjacent to the nala passing by from which foul smell emanates day and night because of which many children are falling sick, no relatives are visiting at our house”.

Premlatha, a resident of DS Nagar, says, “from the past one year we are facing a lot of problem due to the nala water getting contaminated with chemicals. We request the officials to close the chemical pipe line and a wall should be built”, as reported in HansIndia.