Grief-struck parents mourn dead daughter’s 82.5 % in Class 10 boards

Rajkot: Normally, a score of 82.5 % in class 10th boards would make any parent happy and content, but Radhika’s performance in the exams brought tears in the eyes of Rajkot’s Mandali family, as the young achiever passed away just days before her result was declared.

The class 10th student was admitted to a hospital soon after the exams for treatment of brain tumour, but there was little doctors could do.

Radhika, a brilliant student who appeared all her exams confidently, came from a humble background. Her father works at a small shop, where he labors hard to make the family’s ends meet.

With tears welling-up in her eyes, the 16-year-old’s mother said Radhika wanted to be a fashion designer, but was also interested in cricket and had joined a coaching camp.

“She said to us that she will get 80 plus, and today, she has got 82 plus, but she is not with us. She died of brain tumour. She wanted to be a cricketer and was going to a coaching camp also. She also wanted to be fashion designer also. But she is no more with us,” said Bhavnaben Mandali.

Even in the face of extreme grief of losing their teenage daughter, which can easily hamper clear thinking of many, Radhika’s parents have taken a bold and noble decision of donating her organs. They have donated most of organs, including eyes, kidney, liver and heart, to a hospital so that it can be used in transplantation.

“For us she has died and she will not come back, but if her organs can come handy to other needy patients then it will be good for them. So we decided to donate most of the organ also,” said her father Mansukhbhai. (ANI)