‘Green’ restaurant at Madhapur

Hyderabad, April 30: Named ‘Greens’ after the term that refers to all things vegetarian, the newest restaurant on the Madhapur block is a venture by entrepreneurs G Harish Kumar, N Sri Eswar and P Shankar from HES Enterprises.

The launch event, which was held at the restaurant’s premises on April 28, was well attended by the who’s who of Hyderabad.

Tollywood actor Nandamuri Balakrishna inaugurated the restaurant by enjoying the first bite of food served. Actor Uday Kiran, renowned music director R P Patnaik, director B Gopal, producer K L Narayana, Municipal Minister Mahidar Reddy also attended the event.

“The concept of our vegetarian coffee shop is to serve our customers with a large variety of vegetarian cuisine,” said G Harish Kumar, continuing, “The premises serves food in a very cosy and informal atmosphere. Our restaurant is for people who enjoy vegetarian food as a healthy substitute for meats and other non-veg along with high calorie junk food.”

“After receiving feedback from various people who wanted hygienic, simple, well-prepared vegetarian food, we thought of opening Greens. We have put in a lot of research into designing the menu,” said N Sri Eswar, continuing, “Though the focus will be on South Indian cuisine, we will also be serving a food from different parts of the country.”

“Along with the dining facilities, Greens also has a banquet hall and a private dining area. We will also be offering takeaway and home-delivery services,” said P Shankar.