Greece to open up tourism from May 14

Athens: Greek Vice-Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki announced on Monday that holidaymakers from European Union (EU) nations will be able to travel Athens without having to quarantine from May 14 onwards.

However, there will be preconditions, dpa news agency quoted the Minister as saying.

“Holidaymakers will either have to be vaccinated or show a (negative) PCR coronavirus test,” she told the Greek news channel Skai.

Afterwards, they will be free to take their holidays in Greece, Zacharaki added.

This regulation will also apply to some non-EU states, among them Serbia and the UK, the Deputy Minister added.

Athens had already abolished the quarantine obligation for visitors from Israel on a bilateral level at the end of March.

Israeli holidaymakers must show an official confirmation in English that they have been vaccinated.

In addition, 14 days must have passed since the second vaccination.

Visitors from Israel must also show a negative PCR coronavirus test, which must not be more than 72 hours old.

Since the beginning of the year, the Greek government has been pushing for the development of an EU-wide vaccination passport.

This is to save the Greek tourism sector, which normally accounts for almost a fifth of Greece’s economic output.

“We hope that this EU vaccination passport will be in place by June,” Zacharaki added.