We would be great country, but won’t produce Hitler: Bhagwat

In an apparent rejoinder to the criticism that Hindu nationalism is akin to fascism, RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat today said India was bound to become a great country, but, in the process, no Hitler would arise.

Speaking at the inauguration of a Vaidik School in Dehu, the birthplace of Saint Tukaram, 35 km, Bhagwat said, “India is among the few ancient nations of the world and as we are ancient, we are like elder brother to the rest of the world. With the rich legacy of spirituality and guidance of great saints, we will achieve the status of world leader.

“India is bound to become a big and great nation. However, in this process of becoming big, no Hitler will be born,” he said.

“Buddha will be born, Shankaracharya will be born and saints will be born,” he said.
“We have all the resources and what we need is devoted people and society to achieve the greatness,” the RSS chief said.

“In the past, our people went as far as Siberia and Mexico, but we never usurped their land forcefully. Instead, we spread knowledge in the form of yoga, ayurveda, mathematics and science,” he said.