Graveyards encroachments; Wakf Board is incompetent says HC

Hyderabad: Expressing anguish over inaction for not taking stern action against the encroachments of Muslim graveyards Telangana High court on Tuesday commented that the State Wakf Board is incompetent.

A PIL was filed seeking protection of Muslim cemeteries from encroachments. During the last hearing Telangana High Court had directed to submit a complete report with regard to the number of graveyards belonging to the Minority Community which exist in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Ranga Reddy District with regard to the extent of graveyards.

Also with regard to whether any encroachment has been made upon these graveyards or not? In case the Wakf Board were to discover that the graveyards are being encroached upon, then the Wakf Board should also inform the Court with regard to any action taken by it against the alleged encroachers.

The state wakf board had submitted a detailed report in this regard after which a bench comprising Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice Vijay Sen Reddy questioned the Government as why cases were not filed against the encrochers of Graveyard.

The High Court commented that the “Waqf board appears to be incompetent in this matter” and the board seems to have taken encroachments as a very common issue.