Graveyard in Darusallam occupied; no action taken on complaint

Hyderabad: About 300 square yards of Syed Saadullah Hussaini, a graveyard opposite to Darusallam (AIMIM headquarters) is swallowed by squatters, said Syed Habibullah Hussaini, the caretaker of the graveyard.
Commuters of Darusallam can spot many small shops within the premises, he said.

The care taker Hussaini said that despite an official complaint in 2017 at the Hyderabad’s Wakf board, nothing has been done so far. “A few police officials visited the site in 2018 and we were told that a report was submitted to the Wakf board,” he said. However, no action on that report was taken.

Locals urged Wakf board chairman Mohammed Saleem to look into the matter. “When he can reopen the closed mosques than why can’t he solve the complaint that is pending for almost three years,” they said.
“For now, all we ask for is a gate for the dead bodies to pass through and people to come in and offer prayers,” said the graveyard committee members.