Grandson of Nizam wants protection of Waqf land

HYDERABAD: On Monday, the grandson of last Nizam, Muffakham Jah Mir Karamat Ali Khan called on Telangana State Waqf Board, Mohammed Saleem and appreciated for his initiatives in safeguarding the Waqf properties, particularly those under the management of the Nizam Trust.

He requested the Waqf Board to take action against the encroachers who had grabbed the properties worth crores of rupees. He also discussed various Waqf-related issues in the meeting and assured the Board to give all support to protect the assets.

Later, Mr Saleem told the media persons that he had visited Mr Jah’s residence to seek his support for the protection of Waqf properties under the management of the royal family and their trusts. He said the Waqf Board had initiated an action plan to protect the Waqf properties with the coordination of the nizam’s trust.