Grandparents being replaced by Google for simple answers

London, Feb 28 (ANI): Grandparents are being replaced by the internet, as rising numbers of kids look up for answers online rather than seeking help from family, a new survey has found.Researchers found that older generations are being replaced by Google, Wikipedia and YouTube, with their grandchildren not asking them basic questions that they can look up themselves, the Telegraph reported.

According to the survey, fewer than one in four grandparents said that they have been asked for advice on basic domestic chores such as washing clothes, learning to cook a family recipe or sewing a button.Only a third of those surveyed said they had been asked “what was it like when you were young?”96 percent said that they asked far more questions of their grandparents when they were young.

The survey of 1,500 grandparents found that children are instead increasingly using the internet to answer simple questions.It found almost two thirds of grandparents feel their traditional role is becoming less and less important in modern family life.

“Grandparents believe they are being sidelined by Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the huge resource of advice available on the internet,” Susan Fermor, of cleaning specialist Dr Beckmann, which commissioned the research said. (ANI)