Grandfather says in a letter “Rohit was a Dalit”

Hyderabad:  Dispute have been created since the AP government said to University of Hyderabad (UoH) research scholar, Rohith Vemula was not a Dalit and his family had been given the notification for cancellation of their SC certificates. A letter was given by activists to the Guntur district collector Kantilal Dande written by his paternal grandfather in June.

According to Times of India, the letter reads as “After Radhika Vemula (Rohith’s mother) got divorced from my son I very rarely used to meet her. Once I came to know that Radhika Vemula is suffering from paralysis, I met her. At that time, I was privately informed by Anjali Devi, that Radhika did not belong to Vaddera community , but was from the community of scheduled caste.”

“I strongly affirm that she belongs to the SC community and her children also get the same caste because they were brought up by her, without any support from my family or my son (Mani Kumar). Therefore our caste cannot be attributed to her or her children,” the letter stated.

He also mentioned the shock given by the social justice minister T S Ghelot about the Radhika’s caste and stated that she belonged to Vaddera community.