Grandfather of Indian cricketer left on his own, drives auto for survival

New Delhi: The budding pacer from Gujarat Jasprit Bumrah has been roped in for a whooping 1.2 crore by Mumbai Indians back in 2014.

This 23-yr-old Gujrati pacer has impressed one and all with amazing bowling skills, has now established himself as one of the premier bowler’s in the Indian team within a limited span of time.

But that’s not all, there is an elderly man in Uttarakhand who proudly waits to see this young champ win hearts of Indian fans.

The elderly man is none other than his grandfather Santokh Singh Bumrah who is currently staying in Uttarakhand and drives an auto for his living.

“Jasprit Bumrah is my grandson. I saw him on television and I was very happy. I somehow manage my expenses. I ride a tempo to make ends meet,” says Santokh.

He claims his daughter-in-law along with his grandson, moved out after Jasprit lost his father. Once a rich man, with a well settled business in Gujarat, he started falling into losses after he lost his son Jasbir in 2001 and had to relocate to Uttarakhand in 2006.

When asked the reason for the families separation he replied “Jasprit’s mother was not willing to see us. Though recently my daughter visited Ahemadabad. I tried hard to get Jasprit’s contact but couldn’t. I would be grateful if you could please help”.

Requesting the sources he added, “It feels great to see Jasprit on television screen performing so well in international matches. I pray to god for his success and meet him once before I die”.

But the recent billboard made by Jaipur Traffic Police used as a campaign for road safety showing Jasprit’s ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has left the cricketer furious.

The large billboard showed the no ball image of Jaspreet on one side and two cars behind a line on another side with the captions “Don’t cross the line. You know it can be costly” has definitely irked Jasprit.

The campaign didn’t really go down well with the Cricketer and he took to twitter to reply saying “@traffic_jpr well done Jaipur traffic police this shows how much respect you get after giving your best for the country.”
He added, “@traffic_jpr But don’t worry I won’t make fun of the mistakes which you guys make at your work .because I believe humans can make mistakes.”

The Jaipur Police has in a statement apologized the Pacer after his tweets, sources reported.