Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Hussein issues fatwa against selling Palestinian property to Israel

Jerusalem: Issuing fatwa against taking financial compensation for Palestinian property confiscated by Israel, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein said it is Haram (forbidden).

Urging Palestinians who have lost their land or properties to be patient, the Grand Mufti explained that taking compensation for land confiscated by Israel constitutes “an approval for the Israeli occupation’s confiscation of the land”.

As reported by Middle East Monitor the fatwa states: “Palestine is endowment land and therefore it is forbidden to sell any part of it to the enemies, because according to Islamic law, it is public property and not a private property.”

A network of brokers was arrested by the Palestinian General Intelligence Service in Ramallah In April, for selling Palestinian land to Israel. The PGIS warned Palestinians against making any sale contracts.

Mass demonstrations broke out late last year after the Greek Orthodox Church leaders sold several church properties to Jewish settlement associations in Jerusalem.