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Grand Meeting for the Muslim Bride-Groom and their Guardians on February 7

Grand Meeting for the Muslim Bride-Groom and their Guardians on February 7

Kolhapur, January 29 (Press Note): The Centre for Marriage Proposal of Momin Community situated in Kolhapur, is conducting a grand meeting for Muslim bride-groom and their guardians as it is done every year.

This Centre is doing this work since last 12 years as the sole purpose of serving the Momin community.

The people of the various castes in Muslim community such as Mulla, Mullani, Sheikh, Syed, Pathan, Baghbaan, Patvegaar, Khan, Maniar, Attar, Pinjari, Peerzade, Tamboli, Shikalgaar, Momin and others would be benefitted.

For registration kindly contact Haji Munir Momin on 09420456038; Haji Mansoor Momin on 09975005230.

The purpose of conducting this meeting is to help you choose your life partner with the consent of your guardian.

If the meeting is conducted in such a manner where would be husband-wife and their guardians meet each other in persons, it would further help them in solving their most important problem of choosing the bride and groom respectively.

In the meeting, the guardians can come across with the alliance proposals of doctors, engineers, advocates, IT diploma holders and post graduates. Momin Biradri (community) is also conducting free medical camp for the weaker section of the society.

Momin Biradri Shaadi Sujhao Kendra is in this service since last 12 years and this is how it has brought various families together binding them with the sublime relation of marriage. The organizers have requested all to attend the meeting in large number for your own benefit.