Grand Alliance will ensure shameful defeat for BJP: Jayant Chaudhary

Lucknow: Brushing aside the rumours regarding BSP and SP’s estrangement will congress The Rashtriya Lok Dal vice-president Jayant Chaudhary hoped that the strong grand alliance of opposition will ensure shameful defeat for BJP in 2019 general elections.

Speaking to journalist on Thursday, Mr Chaudhry said it is too early to speculate about a grand alliance for general elections by looking at BSP and SPs decision not to enter into an alliance with Congress in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. He said in states every party has its own agenda but in general elections, all opposition parties will be seen on one stage against BJP.

Jayant Chaudhry hoped that Congress, SP, BSP and Rashtriya Lok Dal will show unity against BJP before general elections. On the BSP chief Mayawati’s statement on seat sharing, Mr Chaudhry said all differences will be sorted out before elections. National interest is more important for the opposition than seats, he said.