Goyal asks US firms to invest in clean energy market in India

Washington :Union Minister of State for Power (Independent Charge) Piyush Goyal has said that with sustainable long-term structural environment in India, the country may see two or three decades of double digit growth.

“The fact is that India is changing its structure. So, we are not looking for short-term solutions for the welfare of the people. We are looking for sustainable long-term structural environment and to bring a framework in which India continues to prosper for years to come. The way India is growing, I would not be surprised to see two and three decades of double digit growth going forward,” Goyal told.

Goyal also reiterated that the Narendra Modi Government will introduce reforms to improve the ‘ease of doing business’.

“India is committed to reforms, but we always calibrate reforms with ground reality. I am sure the efforts of the Modi Government to bring about change for ‘ease of business’ will bring change in the lives of the people for energy access and affordable housing. All of this is part of reforms,” he added.