Govt’s barren discussions won’t help farmers: Congress

New Delhi Asserting that a mere discussion on the agrarian crisis is not enough, Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury on Tuesday demanded more effective measures to help farmers, adding that she said the bureaucrat who intimidated farmers in Rajasthan to call of their strike should be suspended from his post.

Chowdhury said the incumbent government is not working enough to solve the problems of farmers rather the officers in the state blatantly are suppressing the cultivators.

“The condition of farmers in our country is getting adverse; people don’t understand that by having a discussion on agrarian crisis in the Parliament is not enough. The farmer of our country is tolerating such insult which is why they are not left with any option to commit suicide. And the government must remove this bureaucrat who is misbehaving with farmers,” said Chowdhary.

In a shocking development in Rajasthan, an IAS officer has threatened the protesting farmers of the district to stop their agitation failing which they will be put behind the bars.

The farmers in Sri Ganganagar have been demanding compensation for the damage to their crops due to the recent hailstorm.

They had gone to lodge their protest before the district magistrate of Sri Ganganagar. But the angry IAS officer threatened them to put behind bars instead. (ANI)