Govt. wants to silence the voice of Social Movements – Vara Vara Rao

Hyderabad: Revolutionary writer, Mr. Vara Vara Rao declared that the police encounter in Warangal was a fake one and the Govt. wants to silence social movements and the campaigns for getting human rights. It may be noted that in the forest areas of Govindraopet and Narayana in Warangal District, Ms. Shruti (23) and Mr. Vidya Sagar Reddy were killed in a fake encounter.


Veerasam, the organization of revolutionary writers expressed its severely reaction on these killings. The leader of this organization, Mr. Vara Vara Rao told that it was a fake encounter and demanded the Govt. to initiate judicial enquiry. He alleged the Govt. that in order to cover up its failures Govt. is suppressing the public voice raised against its policies. He made a reference to the fake encounter at Alair in which Vikhar and his four companions were killed. Police organized this encounter to please the imperialistic forces. He disclosed that Shruti was subjected to corporeal punishment and third degree harassment was used. She was killed by pouring acid on her body. The encounter was announced in the morning of 15th September whereas they were killed 2-3 days back. He heavily criticized the attitude of the police and termed them as official assassins. He informed that Shruti and Sagar were associated with Maoist Party. Govt. is suppressing the voice of truth in the name of Golden Telangana. Govt. of Telangana is responsible for this fake encounter. The Govt. is hostile to Maoist Party. Criticizing heavily Mr. KCR, Mr. Vara Vara told that he is following the footsteps of Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu. Mr. KCR has forgotten all his promises and he is following anti-people policies.


Earlier, he met family members of Shruti and Sagar. He mentioned that Govt. and police set aside the orders of the Supreme Court while conducting postmortem of these persons. Shruti was the final year student of M.Tech. She was an active member of Maoist Party in Kareem Nagar, Khammam and Warangal Range. Sagar was also an active member of this party. Shruti’s father, Mr. Sudershan is a member of Veerasam Organization. Social activists and those who are associated with Human Rights Organizations are of the opinion that this fake encounter proves that Govt. of Telangana wants to exterminate Maoists from Telangana State.



-Siasat News