Govt to conduct national cow science exam; says it will educate on importance of cows

The Rashtriya Kamdhenu  Aayog (RKA) chairman Vallabhbhai  Kathiria said on Tuesday that the government plans to conduct a nationwide voluntary online examination on “cow science” next month to infuse curiosity among people and educate students about the importance of cows.

According to an article in The Indian Express, the exam will be conducted by RKA, an agency established for the protection of cows under the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.

This exam is going to be the first of its kind and will be held annually. During a press conference, Kathiria said that “cow is full of science and needs to be explored”.  He said that the exam will be held in 12 regional languages apart from Hindi and English.

The official release of the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, under which RKA functions stated that the exam will be conducted in four categories – Primary level (up to 8th standard), Secondary level (from class 9th to class 12th), College level (after 12thstd) and the fourth category will be for the general public. It also said that the exam model is going to consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s).

According to the ministry, the examination will be free of cost and meritorious candidates will be given certificates and prizes.

However, the study material released for this exam seems to be the most interesting and amusing part.  The 54-page study material includes some misleading topics that claim things like earthquakes occur due to cow slaughter and how nearly any disease can be cured by a cow by-product.

What was said to be a document to help the students study about the science behind cows, looks more or less like an excuse to spread a set narrative and propaganda.