Govt to take responsibility of specially-abled kids after 18

Mumbai: Maharashtra government has decided to take the responsibility of those studying in the schools for the specially-abled children even after the age of 18 if they do not have parents/guardians to look after them.

Kapil Patil raised the issue in the Legislative Council during the question hour today.

Patil said the schools for specially-abled children shouldn’t receive aid as per the funds available with the government, but as per the norms of the education department which gives grants to goverment-aided schools.

He also asked if the government was thinking of taking the responsibility of specially-abled children once they turn 18 years of age.

In response, Minister of State for Social Justice Dilip Kamble said these children are at present allowed to study in these schools till they turn 18. “But now even after they cross this age the state government will take the responsibility,” he said.

The government will soon come out with a policy to permanently solve the problem of erratic payment of salaries of teachers of these schools, he added.

Raising the issue of autistic children, NCP’s Hemant Takle said the state provides no facilities for them.

“There are no facilities for autistic children. We do not even know for sure how many autistic children are there in the state. The government does not even provide aid for schools for autistic children,” he said.

The minister assured that the government officials will consult educationists and come out with a policy. “We are also thinking of providing special teachers in all the schools which teach autistic children,” Kamble said.