Govt Spreading IT to five cities: KTR

The IT Minister KT Ramarao has informed that the state government was spreading IT to Mahabubnagar, Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam and Nizamabad cities too.

Replying to the questions raised by the TRS Members Bigala Ganesh Gupta, Puvvada Ajay Kumar and Gadari Kishore on Thursday in the Legislative Assembly, KTR said that T-Hub has huge incubator across the nation and T-Hub-2 was second largest one across the world with 3.60 lakh square yards area. He said that eminent companies were working with T-Hub and it was guiding Goa, Assam and Delhi states. The youth will get huge employment in the coming days with the start-ups.

GHMC Roads
Responding on the Hyderabad road conditions, KTR said that the government was gathering funds through Municipal Bonds. The government was gathering Rs.200 crore in the first phase through SRDP. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the scheme of collecting funds through Municipal Bonds. Making it clear that the government will spend every paisa for the development of roads, KTR said that the government initiated steps to ensure easy journey and to reduce the consumption of oil. The government also chalked out plans to reduce the traffic problems with strategy, he said adding the steps taken to enhance the vehicles speed up to 35 kilometers per hour.

He said the GHMC proposed to raise a total of Rs 1,000 crore through the bonds based on its strong and robust revenue mobilization and a credit rating of AA (Stable). The bonds carry 8.9 per cent interest and the State Government is hoping for some interest subvention from the Central government.

He said currently, SRDP related works worth a total of Rs 3,000 crore were on in different parts of the city. These works include widening of roads and junction improvement at various locations. The government, he said, is committed to improvement and development of not just the main thoroughfares but also all roads in the city including the Old City areas. For instance, a Rs 63 crore proposal on developing the road between the Nehru Zoological Park and Aaramgarh was under study, he said, adding that another Rs 63 crore is expected to be spent on constructing a flyover at Bahadurpura.

The SRDP has been taken up by the government as a high priority for Greater Hyderabad and includes components such as skyways, grade separators, flyovers, development of major corridors and roads to provide relief to citizens from traffic gridlocks. “The plan is to ensure continuous traffic movement with a conflict free road network,” Rama Rao said. The project will also have other spin-off benefits for the people including reducing travel time, improving average journey speeds in the city from the current 15 kmph to 35 kmph and reduction in air pollution from automobile exhausts resulting from reduced stoppage delays and fuel consumption by vehicles, he said.(NSS)