Govt should not interfere in Triple Talaq , say Muslim Women of UP’s Deoband

Saharanpur: Muslim women in Deoband, the land of biggest madrasa Darul Uloom, advocate that government should not interfere in the matter of “Triple Talaq”, a religious matter.

“Whatever is mentioned in the holy Quran is absolutely correct. Why does the government need to interfere in the personal matter concerning husband and wife? I think there are a lot of other
things for the government to do,” said Shamila Ahmed a resident of Deoband.
“The issues of education of Muslim girl are a big issue. Even those Muslim girls who are well educated and have done their BA, MA and have even qualified NET are jobless. Due to which all
their qualities and qualifications remain of no use,” she added.

Another woman said that there are several issues that should be considered.

“There are numerous issues in front of us, the roads are not developed, there is the issue of education of Muslim women, the issue of employment of Muslim women amongst many others,” said the woman.

“Those who do get the job only get jobs in private schools,” she added.

On the issue of “Triple Talaq”, she said: “It is our personal matter and no government needs to interfere. It is as per our Shariat and we cannot go against it and even do not want any improvement in it”.

‘Triple talaq’ is a customary practice, prevalent among Muslims, that dissolves a marriage when the husband says the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. The custom is criticized for being unilateral and biased against women.

Locals in Deoband said that “Muslim community should not be used as a political tool during polls.”

“It is a peace-loving city. Politicians should provide better education and more employment opportunities for Muslims in the country. Everyone should be treated equally. Muslim community should not be used as a political tool during polls,” said Mohammad Tariq.

“We don’t want reservation but want that condition of those in Muslim community who are downtrodden and marginalized should improve” he added.

While a shopkeeper Mohammad Saleem Ansari said that Muslim youth are not given jobs in Police and Army and unemployment is large among them.

“Nobody gives jobs to Muslim youth. They are not given a job in the Army or police. Unless there are jobs for us, our condition is not going to improve,” said Ansari.

The Union Cabinet in February approved “Triple Talaq” ordinance.

The Triple Talaq Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on December 27 last year with 245 votes in favor and 11 against the Bill. The opposition parties want the Bill to be sent to the Select Committee of Parliament for further vetting, a demand which was rejected by the Centre.

However, an ordinance was re-promulgated in January this year as the revised Bill could not be passed in the Rajya Sabha where the government lacks a majority.

The Bill criminalizes the practice of instant ‘triple talaq’ with a provision of three years imprisonment to the erring husband.

The issue of triple talaq was taken up in the Parliament in August last year after a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled “unconstitutional” a practice that allows Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering “talaq” three times in quick succession.