Govt. serious about educational and economic development of Muslims – Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali told that Mr. KCR is very serious about fulfilling all the promises make to Muslims. Govt. is presenting Muslim reservations bill in Assembly during this session. He made a reference to the preparations of the bill. He informed that after receiving the report from BCs Commission enactment is proposed. He lamented that some of the political parties are making an attempt to show that Govt. is not serious about Muslim reservations.

The fact is that Mr. KCR continued consultations with experts on Muslim reservations. In order to make Muslim reservations foolproof, Mr. KCR constituted Sudhir Commission of Enquiry and got its report. This commission recommended 9-12% reservations for Muslims. Immediately after this, Govt. constituted BCs Commission to get its report. He pointed out that Congress party during its regime made only promises but did not take any action for the development of Muslims. Now they are shedding crocodile tears on the backwardness of the Muslims. History is evident that the Central Govt. and integrated A.P. Govt. ruled for a long time during which various commissions submitted their reports about the backwardness of the Muslims but the Congress Govt. did not bother to take positive action to develop the Muslims and all these reports were shelved in cold storage. Govt. of TRS constituted BCs Commission immediately after receiving the report from Sudhir Commission of enquiry.

Mr. Mahmood Ali further told that Govt. of TRS is very serious about the educational and economic development of Muslims and in the next two years, TRS Govt. would produce practical proof of it. He also told that no State Govt. can boast of implementing welfare schemes for Muslims as TRS Govt. did. Telangana has the largest welfare budget for Minorities. Under the stewardship of Mr. KCR, Telangana State got the first rank in the country by allocating Rs. 30 thousand crore for welfare schemes.. He hoped that this amount would be increased in the following years. He appealed to the Muslims not to fall prey of the false propaganda of opposition parties. Mr. Mahmood Ali mentioned the coaching scheme provided to Muslim candidates for Civil Services. It is unique scheme. Under this scheme 100 students would be provided coaching in reputed coaching centers. He pointed out that there is less representation of Muslims in IAS and IPS. No Govt. made an attempt to increase this percentage. CM wants the Muslims to get these positions through competitive examinations. If Muslims are selected in IPS and IAS, they could ensure proper implementation of welfare for Muslims. Govt. has given a choice to the Muslim candidates appearing for IAS and IPS exams, to choose the coaching centers of their choice. By offering coaching to 100 Muslims candidates every year, at least 5-10 students could be selected for IAS/IPS. He mentioned that CM has sanctioned 80 residential schools for Minorities and 71 of them are functioning successfully. CM is convening a consultative meeting of the MLAs to elicit their suggestions for managing these residential schools. He pointed out that preparations are in progress for the enhancement of Minorities budget for the year 2017-18. Govt. has plans to enhance income from Wakf properties which is earning only Rs. 7 crore. There is a proposal to enhance wakf income to Rs. 1000 crore. There are thousands of Wakf properties, if they are used properly, there won’t be any need for Govt. grant. Through Wakf Board, many schemes of educational and economic developments of Muslims could be initiated.

–Siasat News