Govt. providing job and awards to killers of Akhlaq: Brinda Karat

New Delhi: People accused in lynching Mohammed Akhlaq for alleged cow slaughter and targeting people of the particular community are roaming scot-free, said social worker Brinda Karat during a protest meeting held at Jantar Mantar by All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) against the mob lynching incidents in the country. She said even after 3 years, Akhlaq family didn’t get justice. She expressed concern that cases are being filed against Akhlaq’s son Mohammed Danish and daughter Shaista and they are forced to leave the village.

Brinda Karat took a dig at BJP and RSS and said that BJP and RSS are only targeting Muslims and Dalits whereas government jobs and awards are provided to the accused in the incidents.

Mohammed Akhlaq’s lawyer Mohammed Yousuf told that he and the family of Akhlaq were facing a lot of hardships. He told this security was withdrawn and Akhlaq family is being harassed by filing fake cases against them.