Govt. to provide financial assistance to grow veggies on rooftops

Hyderabad: Government is ready to provide financial assistance to those who are ready to have a garden or grow vegetables on their roof tops or backyard. The state horticulture department has initiated ‘Urban Vegetable Farming’ to promote cultivation of vegetables and fruits on balconies and terraces of houses.

According to the notification issued by Horticulture Department, Rs. 6000 has been estimated for cultivation on 50 to 100 sqft. 25 pc of the amount will be paid by the department. Residents of twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad can benefit from the scheme. The last date to application is March 17. For further details contact on phone nos 9949161042 or 8978211566.

Officials say the new scheme will serve several purposes. One is that growing vegetables on the rooftop, balcony or backyard garden will help meet the demand in the city with the additional advantage of people getting organic vegetables at a much lesser cost than in the market.

The other benefits include fresh vegetables at home all year round as well as greener balconies and terraces giving people an opportunity to get closer to nature.

The horticulture department has decided that it will provide seeds, seedlings, manure and implements with a 25% subsidy to prospective growers.