Govt probes Jet Airways, Alliance Air near miss incident

New Delhi: Government has started an investigation into a “serious incident” in Nagpur airspace last month involving Jet Airways and Alliance Air planes as they came in close proximity.

A possible disaster was averted as the Traffic Collision Advisory System (TCAS) set off an alarm which alerted the pilots of the two aircraft which were dangerously close to each other. The incident happened on December 2.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB), mandated to probe serious incidents and accidents involving aircraft, has initiated a “formal inquiry” into the matter, according to a notification issued by the Civil Aviation Ministry.

At the time of near collision, Jet Airways flight (9W792) was on its way from Indore to Delhi while Alliance Air’s ATR 72 aircraft was flying from Gwalior to Mumbai.

The two-member committee is headed by AAIB Assistant Director Jitendra Loura. The other member is Assistant Director Raje Bhatnagar.

Assistance of other experts or agencies would taken by the panel whenever required, the recent notification said.

In a statement, a Jet Airways spokesperson said it is extending full support for the investigation.

“Jet Airways flight 9W 792, from Indore to Delhi of December 2, 2016, during a routine climb had reduced separation from another aircraft while in Nagpur airspace.

“The event was reported to DGCA and Jet Airways is extending full support for the investigation,” the airline said.

There was no immediate comments from an Alliance Air spokesperson.