Govt. not interested in protection of Urdu language, Urdu medium schools deteriorating

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana is boasting of the establishment of 200 residential schools for minorities. On the other hand, it did not take any steps to stop the closure of many Urdu medium schools for want of teachers. If the Govt. is serious about the educational development to Minorities, it should ensure Urdu medium education in Govt. schools.

It may be mentioned that in a first phase, 71 English medium residential schools were started for minorities. In the second phase, there is a proposal to start 130 more schools. In all these schools, classes will start from 5th standard. In the fifth class, Urdu medium students are being admitted. Now the question is the students who got Urdu medium education upto 4th standard, how will they understand classroom teaching in English in 5th standard? This was the reason for not getting the desired standard of education last year. In these schools, teachers are being recruited for one year on contract basis. These teachers are from Urdu and Telugu medium schools. How can they teach the students of English medium? In the first year, attention was paid for the improvement of English of the students. Actual class room teaching will start next year. These students have to rise upto the standard English medium students in order to compete with them in the job market. The officials of the Dept. are also admitting that it is difficult for the teachers to teach the students through English medium.

It is a fact that for the past three years, Govt. did not concentrate on increasing the standard of Urdu medium schools. Many Urdu medium schools were merged with other schools or closed down under the pretext of insufficient strength of the students. At the Govt. level, no effort was made for the establishment of any new Urdu medium school and no campaign was launched for admitting the students belonging to minorities. Govt. is campaigning for admissions into English medium schools but no such campaign was launched for admitting the students in Urdu medium schools. Govt. should have setup a separate educational society for Minorities residential school.

CM and other Ministers claim their love for Urdu language and declare that Urdu is the mark of identification for Telangana State but no concrete steps were taken for the promotion of Urdu language. Organizing cultural programs in Urdu language at Govt. level cannot be treated as service to Urdu language. The Govt. officials talk of linking Urdu language with job market but TSPSC did not make any effort to conduct examination in Urdu language for recruiting candidates to various posts.

It is reported that CM wrote a letter to PM for allowing the candidates to write NEET examination in Urdu but it did not have any effect. Govt. claims to the Urdu friendly but if this claim is scrutinized, it would be known that 8-10 thousand vacancies of Urdu medium have to be filled up. Govt. did not make any efforts to overcome the shortage of Urdu teachers. In Urdu medium Govt. school, even basis amenities are not provided.

It is reported that there are 1591 Urdu medium schools run by the Govt. DSC 2012 notified 1076 vacancies of secondary grade teachers and 346 vacancies of school assistants in Urdu medium schools. So far no action has been taken. In Kareem Nagar alone there are 425 sanctioned Urdu medium teachers’ posts but only 57 teachers are working. In Ranga Reddy, out of 442 posts, 178 posts are vacant. In Khammam, out of 45 posts of teachers, 14 are vacant. In Nalgonda, out of 156 posts 40 are vacant.

–Siasat News