Govt. has no right to interfere into Waqf Board affairs: Mohammed Saleem

Hyderabad: Reacting strongly on the remark made by Secretary Minority Welfare Syed Omer Jaleel regarding dissolution of Board, the Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem said that the government has no right to interfere into Waqf Board affairs. Speaking to media Mohammed Saleem said the Board was founded under Central Waqf Act 1995 and is an autonomous body. Hence government can seek clarification on any matter if it wants, but has no right to dissolve the Board.

However he said if the Chairman and members are found involved in irregularities and corruption, resulting in damage of Waqf properties, then the government can dissolve the Board. He said, no such incident occurred during the past 6 months, which could be termed as irregularity, hence dissolution right does not apply on the present situation.

It must be noted that government has become active after heated discussions on Waqf matters during assembly’s Minority Welfare Committee meeting. Minority Welfare Department is said to have sought clarification regarding various affairs of Waqf Board on which Mohammed Saleem said the irregularities in appointments were made at the time when the elected board was not there.

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