Govt. has no power to interfere in qazis’ affairs: Chief Qazi

Hyderabad: Even as the Hyderabad intelligentsia is limiting qazis powers, saying that the Qazi Act, 1880, does not empower qazis to grant divorces, Mir Quadir Ali, president, Anjuman-e-Qaza’at (council of qazis) Telangana State, says Telangana government cannot interfere with the affairs of the qazis.

DC has quoted him as saying “It has no right to interfere in our affairs. However, we are open to suggestions for improving our work and records.”

He told that the council had fixed Rs. 2000 for solemnising nikah in 2015. Since then, there has been no hike, he said. For poor families, qazis relax the fees on humanitarian grounds, he revealed.

Claiming that their work requires a lot of effort and hard work, Mr. Quadir Ali said records pertaining to nikahs have been kept with utmost care since decades. All qazis submit copies of the nikahnama with the archives department and the Waqf Board, he informed.

He further pointed out that a separate ‘qaza’at’ section operates at the Waqf Board office where marriage certificates are issued.

The Chief Qazi said, anyone who has any problems with the qazis or their deputies, can directly approach them and get it redressed.