Govt may step in if triple talaq practice not changed: Naidu

Amaravati: The government may have to step in and enact a law to ban triple talaq if the Muslim community fails to “change” the practice, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said today.

“It is for the society to take up the issue and it will be good if the (Muslim) society itself changed the practice.

Otherwise, a situation may arise where the government will have to bring in a legislation (banning triple talaq),” Naidu said while addressing a meeting here.

“This is not to interfere in anybody’s personal matters, but at the same time it’s a question of justice to women. All women should have equal rights. Equality before law…that’s the issue,” the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister said.

He recalled that laws were enacted to rid certain evil practices even in the Hindu society, like child marriage, sati and dowry.

“The Hindu society discussed child marriages and Parliament passed a legislation banning it. Second is sati sahagaman, an ancient practice, wherein a woman too ended her life following her husband’s death. Now it is prohibited by law, by the Hindu society itself. Third is dowry. The Dowry Prohibition Act was passed and the Hindu society accepted it,” the Union Minister pointed out.

“When it felt that such practices were against the society’s good, the Hindu society discussed them and brought in reforms. Some more reforms are also needed and efforts should be made in that direction,” he added.

“See humans as humans and don’t separate them as Hindus, Christians or Muslims. No injustice should be done to women by such discrimination,” Venkaiah maintained.

The minister was felicitated by several associations and well-wishers upon his recent election as chairman of the governing council of UN-Habitat.

“I feel happy whenever the world recognises India. Take the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. For the first time in history, India went to the International Court of Justice and obtained a stay against Pakistan’s foolish act of trying to execute Jadhav. This is something we all should feel happy about,” Venkaiah noted.

Recalling his long political career, Venkaiah said the “only desire” left in him was to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister for ten years.

“Mood of the nation is to go with Modi. If he is Prime Minister for a full ten years, India will emerge more stronger in the world,” he said.