Govt. likely to take U turn on cattle slaughter

New Delhi: Central government is going to take U-turn on another issue. According to sources, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre has decided to roll back its controversial May 25 notification that prohibited the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter at animal markets across the country.

Following Yogi Government’s tough stand on slaughter, the central government had issued the controversial notification which put the condition that cattle cannot be sold for slaughter however the Supreme Court had later stayed the order.

In the new version of Live Stock market regulation 2017, the word slaughter will be removed.

It must be noted that on May 23, 2017, the notification issued by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, had said that nobody can bring cattle to an animal market unless he or she has furnished a written declaration that the cattle will not be sold for the purpose of slaughter.

The notification had sparked outcry across the country. Meanwhile, a number of incidences of violence in the name of cow came to light.

Now the government is mulling over rolling back the cattle slaughter notification.