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Govt. Depts. indifferent towards Muslims issues

Govt. Depts. indifferent towards Muslims issues

Government departments’ indifference towards Muslims’ issues is apparent from the fact that the Sudhir Commission of Enquiry constituted to study the socio-economic and educational conditions of Muslims in the state of Telangana and to recommend measures for removal of impediments in the provision of reservations in education and employment to poor, deserving Muslims in the State is facing difficulty in getting required information from the departments.

It must be recalled that the TRS government had promised to raise the quantum of quota for socially and educationally backward sections of Muslims under BC “E” category.

Commission is surprised on the non-cooperative attitude of government departments. The commission is considering using its powers in this connection. It must be noted that Sudhir Commission had sought details regarding Muslim representation in all government departments but only 30 to 40 departments have submitted response so far that too with incomplete information. The commission had sought information regarding Muslim representation in departments at all levels. But not a single department submitted required information and satisfactory data. Those who submitted the data revealed only overall representation and not representation at all levels. If the same attitude is continued by the government departments, Sudhir Commission will face an arduous task of compiling a comprehensive report with accurate data on socio-economic and educational conditions of Telangana Muslims.

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