Governor Lauds TS Chapter of Red Cross

Speaking at the 2nd Annual General meeting of the Telangana Chapter of Indian Red Cross Society held here on Friday, Governor of AP & Telangana E.S.L. Narasimhan, who is also President of the Indian Red Cross Society for the two states, said he feels proud of the huge contingent of people who volunteered to serve the Red Cross society, Telangana Chapter.

He said the Red Cross Society Telangana chapter has crossed all barriers in providing service to the needy people and said service to people is service to every single human being. Governor stressed on the need to ensure purity of blood provided through the blood banks maintained by Red Cross. Governor also said that blood should be collected through voluntary blood donation only. He said that Collectors should take active role in organising blood donation camps in colleges and universities and they should take it up as a movement. Governor said the Regional Centres of Red Cross should adopt standard operating procedure to ensure purity of blood donation and supply and they should take care of a cluster of districts by providing testing services to them.

Governor said Home Nursing is an essential service in urban areas and the demand is increasing by the day and said that the Telangana chapter of Red Cross should take it up on a priority basis by providing necessary training to male and female nursing care givers. Governor said one important service started by the Telangana chapter of Red Cross Society is commencing Dementia Day Care Centre at Hyderabad, which no other hospital in the city offers. Stressing on the need for using brain power, Governor said even though technology is important but it should not be a substitute for human brain. He said technology should be used as an add on and facilitator and not as a substitute. Governor said, of late healthcare has become unaffordable and he was happy to note that the Telangana govt is making efforts to provide access to affordable health care to all people. He said eye sight testing scheme taken up by the state government, which will cover all people in the state, will go a long way in early detection of eye sight defects in children.

Earlier, B.V. Papa Rao, Chairman of Telangana Chapter of Red Cross Society and Harpreet Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor and Vice Chairman of the Red Cross Society also spoke on the occasion. Governor presented Gold Medals and Mementoes to District Collectors, SPs, officers, Heads of Corporates, voluntary organisations, individual contributors, who rendered sustained humanitarian services for the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.(NSS)