Governor, KCR didn’t deliver speech: OU centenary fete inaugural passes off peacefully

Hyderabad: The Osmania University Centenary Celebrations inaugural function in which the President of India Pranab Mukherjee, Governor ESL Narasimhan and the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao passed off peacefully. However, most of the audience got upset over the way the inaugural meeting of the Osmania University Centenary celebrations was held.

The students, who were opposed to the participation of the Chief Minister, were also happy as the KCR had not spoken in the meeting. The TRS leaders, who were emerged as the leaders fromOsmania University, were heaved a sigh of relief as the meeting was completed without any disturbance though they were not fully happy as the Chief Minister was not delivered his speech. The University student leaders turned to MP (Balka Suman) and MLA (Gadari Kishore), SC Corporation Chairman Pidamarthi Ravi and MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy were seen inquiring the alumni and professors about the expected students’ disturbances.

It is learnt that the Intelligence officials were informed to the government that some section of the students were attended the inaugural meeting with determination to disturb the meeting in case the Chief Minister delivers a speech in the meeting by showing cheppal towards the Chief Minister. It was also learnt that the Chief Minister was in a feeling, according to TRS leaders, that the meeting should be held in a peaceful manner and hence the Chief Minister could not deliver his speech as the student leaders warned that they welcome President of the nation but not Chief Minister of the Telangana state, two days before in a meeting with the City Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy.

The police have taken away MRPS leader Rudravaram Lingaswamy and TNSF leader Pullarao Yadav, who were tried to rush towards main dias, from the meeting premises clearly informing them that they will not hesitate to lift them forcefully in case they failed to extend cooperation. But Lingaswamy and Pullarao Yadav were followed the police without any disturbance. The police were also taken student leaders Daruvu Yellanna, Kothapally Tirupati, Vattikooti Ramarao Goud to the police station.

The audience attended the meeting were felt unhappy as the meeting was closed much before the scheduled time. The Chancellor of the University and Governor ESL Narasimhan, who was also presided over the function, Chief Minister KCR and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Deputy Chief Minister Kadium Srihari and MP Dr K Kesava Rao didn’t speak.

The University vice-chancellor Prof Ramachandram welcomed the gathering and President of India and Chief Guest of the occasion Pranab Mukherjee delivered his inaugural address and Registrar of the University Prof Ch Gopal Reddy extended vote of thanks. The President too was not delivered his speech freely as he was suffering from bad throat. He tendered ‘sorry’ for coming cough again and again…he continued his speech while taking water again and again. He stopped his speech at the time he got momentum.

Immediately after the vote of thanks, the dignitaries graced the dais were gone from the premises. The audience in shock and nobody was in a mood to leave the place. Many, who were got passes after trying with serious efforts to enter inside the meeting hall, were not in a mood to leave the place. Many were in murmuring while saying that the University authorities were spent almost Rs.10 crore for the inaugural session but conducted the meeting for mere half an hour. “Leave the Chief Minister….what happened to the Chancellor of the University ESL Narasimhan…why doesn’t he deliver a speech…he would have delivered a speech being a Chancellor of the University, which completed 100 years”, the audience murmured each other while leaving the meeting hall premises. The audience, who entered the hall with great enthusiasm, left the hall with heavy hearts. (NSS)