Governments should be made answerable for Human Rights Violation – Kodandaram

Hyderabad: Addressing the inaugural session of the seminar organized by Human Rights Network on the violation of Human Rights in AP and Telangana, Prof. Kodandaram, Chairman, Telangana Political Joint Action Committee told that the responsibility of answering the violation of Human Rights resets with Central and State Governments. Unless this is done, the hopes of getting justice would be minimal. He said that the injustices meted out to the farmers are the fresh examples of Human Rights Violation. Lands of the farmers are being snatched forcibly at lower rates which are being sold to the industrialists at exorbitant rates.

Prof. Kodandaram pointed out that Govt. is acquiring lands from the farmers for irrigation projects more than its needs. These are the lands which were given to the ancestors of the farmers by Asif Jahi Kings. TJAC has been meeting the farmers in order to represent their cases to end injustices by raising its voice.

Justice Lakshma Reddy, Justice Chandra Kumar, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Advocate and Mr. Sharun Advocate also addressed the seminar.

–Siasat News