Government honourarium to Imams & Muezzins ‘Mubah’: Jamia Nizamia

Fatwa has been sought from Jamia Nizamia, the greatest Islamic seminary of south India, with regard to monthly honourarium to Imams and Muezzins in Telangana. It must be noted that the Telangana government had decided to release Rs. 1000 honourarium to Imams and Muezzins and allotted 12 Cr. to Waqf Board. Although the scheme was announced in Ramazan but issuance of guidelines was delayed.

Applications have been invited from Imams and Muezzins. December 30 is the last date. Keeping in view the lack of interest on part of Imams and Muezzins, the government has relaxed conditions. Besides this, objections were raised by some quarters on accepting government honourarium hence Masajid Committees refused to issue certificates to Imams and Muezzins.

To deal with the situation, fatwa has been sought from Jamia Nizamia. Head Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin issued fatwa saying the amount received from the government is Mubah (neither forbidden nor recommended) for Imams and Muezzins. This means that it is optional and they may or may not accept the honourarium.

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