Government giving full support to Surrender and Rehab Policy: Kiren Rijiju

New delhi: Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday said the Centre has given all support to the Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy.

Addressing the Upper House, Rijiju said that the scheme has been implemented in all states barring Mizoram and Sikkim. “The Government has given all support in name of Surrender and Rehab Policy, schemes implemented in all states barring Mizoram and Sikkim,” he said.

Looking forward to more surrender of the militants in future, Rijiju said, “Most of the militants have been merged into the national mainstream and very few left.”

Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation policy is part of the overall policy to build consensus and evolve an acceptable and peaceful solution to violence perpetrated by extremist groups to usher in peace and development, especially in the disturbed regions.

Though, policies for rehabilitation of militants have been successful in Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern states, implementation of similar policies in Naxal affected states has not been impressive for various reasons.

This policy has been evolved, keeping in mind the specific geographical and social landscape to help those Naxalites, who want to abjure violence, surrender and join the mainstream.

Surrender and rehabilitation policy is part of a multi-pronged conflict management and resolution strategy and is required to be implemented along with firm action by the police against those following the path of violence.