‘GoT’ Season 8 fan theory: Is Bran Stark the Night King?

New Delhi (India): As fans brace for the third episode of the uber-popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, which will finally dive into the battle between dead and living, many fan theories are doing the rounds.
Bran Stark is actually the Night King — is one such theory, which is challenging everything that the audience have seen so far.
Here are some pieces of evidence that may substantiate this belief.
*The two share some very similar powers. Both Bran and the Night King have green sight, which lets them see the future, past, or present in dreams. The two also have the ability to warg, which enables them to enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses.
*While Bran possesses the power to warg, he has been warned that if he stays too long in the body of another being, his consciousness might get stuck there, leaving him unable to come back to his own human body.
This theory believes that in an attempt to avoid the war and undo the making of the Night King, Bran went back into the past and lost himself in the consciousness of the man who was turned into the Night King by the Children of the Forest.
*Another mind-blowing fact that adds fuel to this theory is that in the Season 7 episode titled “Beyond the Wall,” Bran and the Night King can be seen wearing similar outfits.
There is another theory, not very different from this one, which suggests that Bran didn’t get stuck in the Night King’s body but was successful in influencing him significantly, which is why he seems to be so sure of what the Night King will do when the war begins.
This theory may be supported by the Season 6 episode titled “The Door” where Bran was able to warg into the consciousness of Hodor leaving him fixated on a single purpose for the rest of his life ‘Hold the Door.’
While many such fan theories are trying to de-code what will happen in the last season of ‘GoT,’
Episode three, which is scheduled to air on April 28, will be an hour and 22 minutes long, longest episode of the season.