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Gorakhpur tragedy: Dr Kafeel Ahmed ran pillar to post for oxygen to save dying children

Gorakhpur tragedy: Dr Kafeel Ahmed ran pillar to post for oxygen to save dying children
Dr Kafeel Ahmed of BDR Hospital. Photo Courtesy: News18

GORAKHPUR: Dr. Kafeel Ahmed, in- charge of Encephalitis Ward and Child Specialist appeared as angel for children who died in BRD College.

It was reported that at around 2 o’clock on Thursday night, the staff reported the lack of oxygen in the hospital to Dr. Kafeel. As soon as the information was received, he immediately rushed to his friend doctor and brought three oxygen cylinders in his vehicle  to BRD hospital on Friday night at 3 o’clock.

Dr Kafeel Ahmed tried his best to make sure that oxygen supply doesn’t stop.

Three cylinders that he brought could supply the Oxygen for about 15 minutes in the Pediatric Department.

But, as the oxygen was come to an end at seven o’clock in the morning, the situation in the ward once again becomes uncontrollable.

The patients were curious, the doctor and the staff posted in the ward begin getting worried.

Dr. Kafeel kept on fighting every front from making rounds to the ward or to attend patients whose heart rate was diminishing. He was struggling to get more oxygen cylinders.

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He called oxygen gas suppliers but nobody picked up the call. Dr. Kafeel once again went to his friend’s hospital and brought around 12 oxygen cylinders.

Because the conditions were too uncontrollable, Dr. Kafeel once again called half a dozen oxygen suppliers in the district over the phone.

A supplier namely Mayur Gases agreed to give the oxygen cylinder on the condition of cash payment.

Dr. Kafeel without more ado gave his own ATM to one of his employees and asked to withdraw the money.

After rupees came, the oxygen cylinder was arranged. Everybody appreciated the efforts of Dr Kafeel in these bad circumstances.

The meaning of Kafeel is the ‘One who is responsible and who can be trusted’ and Dr. Kafeel acted exactly the same.

As per various report, as many as 63 lives have been lost so far due to alleged disruption in the supply of liquid oxygen in the state-run Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur.