Gorakhpur Massacre: Murderous Yogi Govt. now labels ‘Messiah’ as ‘Villian’

PM doesn’t seem to have got time from world tours to look into the nations tragedy. 

Gorakhpur: It all started with the BRD Medical College not paying heed to pay their liquid oxygen supplier ‘Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd’ since November 2016. The bills kept mounting up as the supplier kept on supplying on humanitarian grounds for months, while demanding payments for the dues. Finally, the supplier stopped the supply of oxygen to the hospital, leading to the deaths of 79 patients including children and some adults.

The number “79” doesn’t seem to have affected the Government for the slightest moment. Instead, the government continues to seek scapegoats that would let those responsible for governance off the hook no matter the cost.

Why were the dues remaining?

The hospital had 3.86 crore in its account on Wednesday. Yet the dues were not paid, putting patients at risk.

Multiple sources have revealed to the media that the payments were held back due to the supplier not paying kickbacks to people in key positions in the government.

Has the Government taken its position?

Well, to fill the formality, Yogi Adityanath ‘promised’ action. Sakshi Maharaj called it a massacre. BJP, as always turned out to be “irresponsible”. Above all the our PM doesn’t seem to have got time from world tours to look into the nations tragedy.

Let’s look into each character’s play in the massacre:


The supplier of oxygen, who provided oxygen to the medical college for months in spite of non-payment of dues and had to stop, because their supplier, even after 3.86 crore in its account refused to give them more credit when the hospital wouldn’t release funds.


The principal of BRD medical college has been suspended. The UP government insists no one died because of lack of oxygen. The doctor says he anticipated this coming and had resigned. He had allegedly been instructed to hold back payments to Pushpa Sales.


Dr Kafeel Ahmad, the only Muslim character in the entire happening easily became an attractive target to trolls definitely because he is a “Muslim, because otherwise, it is clear that he worked hard and at own expense to save lives of children when oxygen ran out. He still saw 60 die.

Government while hunting scapegoat, opted India Samvad and several other BJP mouthpieces to put out articles slandering Dr. Kafeel Ahmad with their usual sleaze. Some of the nonsense put out is addressed here.

Dubious stories, even if they were were true, none of them explain why the oxygen bills were not paid by the hospital. And even if all the stories were true, it doesn’t change the fact that he did save lives.

But, BJP Govt. will definitely and as expected will punish others for their own actions and irresponsibility.

  • With the above points in note, who is to be blamed?
  • Was there a scarcity of funds?
  • Were the funds withheld?
  • Who is to blamed for the non-payment and will the heads responsible for the death of children and adults ever face any consequences, or will messiah’s be continued to be persecuted on social media?