GOP senators criticise Trump for mocking Ford

Washington: Republican (GOP) senators Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, all with a decisive say in Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, on Wednesday denounced President Donald Trump’s recent mocking of professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Collins told CNN that Trump’s comments were “just plain wrong,” refusing to reveal if it would have any effect on her vote for Kavanaugh.

Murkowski thought Trump’s comments were “wholly inappropriate, and in my view unacceptable.” She said she is “taking everything into account,” when asked by CNN if the comments would affect her vote.

Meanwhile, Flake, who was the instigator behind Trump directing additional background checks on Kavanaugh with his doubts over the latter, stated, “I thought it was obviously insensitive and appalling, frankly. There’s no time or place, but particularly, to discuss something so sensitive at a political rally is just wrong.”

Flake also said that Trump’s comments will not affect his vote.

In an election rally in Mississippi on Tuesday, Trump mocked Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her not knowing answers to questions such as how she got into the part in the 1980s, where she alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

Mimicking Ford’s voice, Trump said, “I had one beer. Well, do you think it was — nope, it was one beer. How did you get home? I don’t remember. How’d you get there? I don’t remember. Where is the place? I don’t remember. How many years ago was it? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. What neighbourhood was it in? I don’t know. Where’s the house? I don’t know. Upstairs, downstairs — where was it? I don’t know — but I had one beer. That’s the only thing I remember.”

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders had earlier refuted the outlook that Trump was mocking her, saying that he was just “stating the facts.” She further stated that both ford and Kavanaugh were “victims” of a plot by the Democrats to wreck the nomination.

“No one is looking at whether the accusations made are corroborated. Every single bit of evidence and facts that we have seen in this moment have supported Judge Kavanaugh’s case. Certainly, the testimony by Dr Ford was compelling, but you can’t make this decision based on emotion,” Sanders said.