Google’s ‘flood alerts’ to help save lives

New Delhi: In the past, search giant Google has always tried to help people at the time of crisis like the Chennai floods and the Nepal earthquake by quickly compiling a crisis response page.

In yet another bid to make critical information more accessible during natural disasters, the technology giant will soon make public emergency alerts for floods available in India.

“Users in India can now find ‘flood alerts’ along with ‘river level’ information for more than 170 areas in which the Central Water Commission (CWC) has active observation stations,” Google said in a statement.

The alerts will be created and shared using data provided by the CWC. It can be accessed on smartphones and on desktop, Google said.

“Timely information is the first step in disaster preparedness and has the potential to save thousands of lives lost to natural disasters each year,” Google Product Manager Payal Patel said.

Last December, in order to help people at the time of flood in Chennai, the search giant quickly compiled a crisis response page, tagged as ‘South India Flooding’, that brought all the information needed both for those who needed help and those who wanted to help out on single page and was updated from time to time.