Google unveils new feature for faster connectivity

San Francisco: In a bid to make all devices work better together, tech giant Google has announced a new feature Fast Pair that helps make it easier and faster to connect to Bluetooth devices around.

The company said that, so far, people have used Fast Pair over 36 million times to connect their Android phones with Bluetooth accessories from Sony, Microsoft, JBL, Philips, Google and many other popular brands.

“In the coming months, we’re bringing Fast Pair to even more devices such as Beats headphones as well as cars from BMW and Ford. With a single tap, you can pair your Android phone to your favorite accessories whether it’s earbuds, speakers, wearables or cars,” Erik Kay, VP of Engineering, Android, saidAduring the Google I/O conference on Tuesday.

“We are making it easier to navigate your TV by building remote-control features directly into your Android phone, so you can watch your favourite show even if your actual remote is missing,” Kay added.

Rolling out later this year, the built-in remote control on Android phones will work instantly for the more than 80 million Android TV OS devices, including Google TV.

The company said that with the recent launch of Phone Hub, users now have a built-in control centre that makes it easy to manage your Android phone right from your Chromebook.

Even if your phone is in another room, you can receive and respond to text messages, check its battery life and cell signal, turn on its hotspot, or locate it — all from your Chromebook, the company said.

Phone Hub also displays recent Chrome browser tabs opened on your Android phone, so you can pick up where you left off.

And coming soon, Phone Hub will provide access to recently taken photos from your phone, so when you need to edit a picture or share it on social media, you can access it instantly on your Chromebook without having to email it to yourself.

To make your phone even more helpful, wea¿re working with car manufacturers to develop a new digital car key in Android 12.

With this feature, you’ll be able to lock, unlock and even start your car from your phone, the company said.