As per Google, there are only two genders

Washington : Turns out, Google has been misleading those trying to keep up with all the gender identities.

On googling “how many genders are there,” a top result says that there are only two – male and female, The Next Web reported.

This has annoyed millions of people, particularly the trans genders across the world.

The outcome is an unfortunate effect of a Google search feature called Featured Snippets, which aggregates information from high-ranking sources and tries to give a summary of the answer the user is looking for.

Many tech companies already allow users the option to pick a gender. Facebook, for example, lets you pick one of 53 choices or add a custom one.

Earlier too, the company had landed in soup – the best guess for a Google Image search result for two black men was “gang,” while the best guess for the same photo with a black and white man was “art.” (ANI)