Google starts notifying users about Google+ shutdown

California: Google has started notifying users about the shutdown of Google+ in the coming two months.

Google+, the search giant’s failed attempt in the social networking space, has a troubled past with a number of security vulnerabilities. Amid the security concerns, Google had announced late last year that it will be shutting down the service.

As part of the efforts, Google is now sending emails to users with Google+ pages, intimating that their Google+ account and the Google+ pages will be shut down and the data will be deleted. Photos and videos from the service in your Album Archive and pages will also be deleted.

If you had been a fan of Google+ and maintained it until its planned demise, then it is the right time to start downloading and saving your valuable content. The window to get your content back is only before April.

From February 4 users will no longer be able to create new pages, profiles, communities, or events.