Google Search results to soon look like your social media feed

California: Google Search turned 20 this week and as part of the milestone, the company introduced a slew of changes which are set to change the way we see search results.

While you will continue getting results to the specific queries, you are likely to see them in a format synonymous with social media companies which basically means elements like news feeds, vertical video, photo-centric content, and Stories will be the highlights, Mashable reported.

A personalised feed feature called Discover has been added for results based on your preferences and search history. Similarly, you will see more Stories in the search results, including AMP Stories.

Google Images, on the other hand, will show content based on a new ranking algorithm for content which is evergreen such as DIY and recipes. Google Lens will also be integrated into the Google Images for specific items within photos.

The idea behind the overhaul is to make search more visual than mundane with the simple links. The changes will be rolled out on a gradual basis.