Google releases its 360-degree movies app on iOS

Washington: Google has launched its Spotlight Stories app for the iPhone and iPad with all four of its experimental short films and animations.

Google Spotlight Storiesis an app for playing 360-degree movies on the phone.

According to the, the app uses the phone’s motion sensors like its gyroscope and accelerometer to allow the users to explore different parts of the movies by looking around anywhere in a 360-degree sphere.

The users can look around inside the animated content by moving their body and the phone to see different parts or angles of the story taking place.

Google pointed out that the app offers stories built using 3D and 2D animations, 360-degree spherical ‘cinema-quality’ video, sound sphere audio and sensor fusion techniques.

However, it does not allow the users to create these sorts of movies for themselves.

The app includes a few movies including animated films ‘Windy Day,’ ‘Buggy Night’, ‘Duet’ and ‘Help’.

Also, the new iOS version will work on any device running iOS 8.0 or higher. (ANI)