Google may launch native ad-blocker for Chrome

San Francisco: Search engine giant Google could introduce a built-in ad blocker in the Chrome browser next year, the media reported.

The ad blocker has been spotted in ‘Chrome Canary’ app browser which gives an insight into what the product would be like.

Users can download the recent ‘Chrome Canary’ from Google Play Store to try it out, TechCrunch reported on Tuesday.

Google has made it clear that it wants to tackle what qualifies as ‘intrusive ads’. The content that is to be blocked would be determined by a group named the ‘Coalition for Better Ads’, of which Google is a member.

Other members of the group are News Corp, Facebook and The Washington Post.

Google could make the feature live sometime next year, the report added.

The addition of a built-in ad blocker in Chrome is likely to stir a debate as the company has been making a majority of its revenue through its own ad business.