Google Maps introduces two-wheelers mode in India

New Delhi: To help bikers find the most suitable route in India, Google Maps on Tuesday incorporated navigation routes for two-wheelers with Voice Assistant capabilities in its Maps feature.

The new travel mode in Google Maps in India is seen alongside Drive, Train or Bus and Walk alternatives.

“The India-first feature is the new “two-wheeler mode” in Google Maps. India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world, and the millions of motorcycle and scooter riders have different navigation needs than drivers of automobiles,” said Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users Team at Google.

Two-wheeler mode in Maps shows trip routes that use “shortcuts” not accessible to cars and trucks.

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It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations.

“Since so many Indians rely on local landmarks for navigation, two-wheeler mode will show major landmarks on the route so that riders can plan their trip before starting, and don’t have to keep checking the phone on the go,” Sengupta added.

The two-wheeler mode will arrive in more countries in the coming months.