Google Chrome users can now seamlessly export passwords

London [UK]: Tech giant Google announced that with the latest update on its web browser, Chrome, users can now export passwords stored in the built-in password manager.

The new update, Google said, will allow users to move to a third-party password manager, like 1Password or LastPass with ease, as per a report that appeared on

To install the new functionality, users of the desktop and Android version of Google Chrome may type the command “chrome://flags/#PasswordExport” into the address bar and hit the Enter key. After this, the user may head to the Manage Passwords tab in the Settings menu to find the all-new overflow icon just before the list of Saved Passwords. Upon clocking this, the user will be presented the option to export passwords with a prompt asking users to confirm the download. Passwords exported from Google Chrome are then saved in a .csv file.

While password managers are a great way to ensure users have a unique login for each account, Google cautioned users that their passwords can be read in plain-text by anyone who has access to the file.

The feature is being rolled out to Mac, Windows, Linus, ChromeOS and Android. (ANI)